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[ This seems like it's working now. Nojiko is already out of the New Feather dress, having managed to get directions to the Welcome Center, where she got a run-down of what was going on. That took most of the morning. The rest of the morning was spent finding her clothing, changing, and then sitting at a corner table in the bakery reading through the entirety of the new arrival guide.

She also had breakfast. A muffin. It was a blessedly normal muffin.

The breakfast was the only remotely normal part of the morning. Now that she feels educated (although...skeptical and still trying to hold all of this information in), it looks like it's time to attempt using the journal, as was suggested to her earlier. She's still at her little table in the bakery, the journal held open in front of her. ]

Hello. [ just getting that greeting out of the way, before plunging onward. ] So, I understand that this is a way of talking to people here. [ The guide explained that, and she's sort of been checking out the last two or three entries, just figuring out how it works. ] And I'm also given to understand that there are people here from many worlds?

I'm not asking for that explanation again. I'm just not sure how I'm meant to find anyone from my own world. [ ...Or if she wants to. It's not like being from her world automatically makes someone excellent company or someone she wants anything to do with. But. ] How do you know if you're from this world or that one? If there were a list of possibilities, I guess I might have a chance of picking home out.

So I suppose I'm really just asking to be found. [ Dry laughter. Well, she's taken care of everything else, so...of course, there might not be anyone else. That had been covered, too. ] If you know Cocoyasi Village or the Conomi Islands, I'd be grateful for a quick word. [ Presumably anyone familiar with geography from home would be from home, right?

A pause. Wow, she forgot something important, didn't she? ]
My name is Nojiko, by the way. Thanks. [ Okay she'll just end that there, then, and see what's what. ]


Nov. 10th, 2011 07:15 pm
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How's My Driving! Comments screened! I assume anon is on, idk, dreamwidth sometimes mystifies me.
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If there's anything that doesn't fit elsewhere, it can go here!

Please name the threads with the method of contact (voice/video/action/WHATEVER) and the date, ex: Voice: June 3rd!


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